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Our Success Comes From Our Students

Each of our students showcases determination, ingenuity and success through their stories. Enrich your story with SHSU Online.

Emily Jaso: Balancing a Secret Service Internship with Online Classes

“The online program is a perfect fit for me. I have a rotating work schedule, and taking classes online is so much more flexible...”

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Photo of Emily Jaso

Tim Flanders: Succeeding on the Field & Online

“Playing football takes up a lot of time, and I’ve got to try to balance football plays with schoolwork, especially with me taking 18 hours this semester. Online courses help me out a lot because I don’t have to be in class at a certain time, and I can stay at home to do my work.”

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Rebecca Gay: Continuing Education while working in Continuing Education

“What’s nice about the online program is that if an assignment is due at midnight, I have until 11:30 p.m. to keep working on it before I turn it in.”

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Tam Pham: Enlisted and Online

"I had honestly never had a Veteran Affairs rep that understood the complexity of how an active duty soldier's life was and how to help me succeed in my future endeavor with SHSU."

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Tony Tovar: Teaching in Texas, Living in Shanghai

“Trying to impart to my kids you’re not always going to have a straightforward path...letting them see that, even at my age, I could go back and I could get my degree is important.”

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Photo of Karolyn Williams Outside CJ Building

Karolyn Williams: Back to School After 20 Years as a Professional

“I do a lot of studying on the weekend and at night... and thanks to technology, I’m able to listen to my lectures when I’m driving...”

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Cat Henson: From Jet Engine Mechanic to Academic Advisor

“I have five siblings that all have college degrees as well, so there's a little competition among us,” she says. "My dad motivated me my whole life, and taught me that education is something no one can take away from you; it's something I really want to have."

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Katie Halbert: Finishing a Lifelong Goal

"I started something. I might have started it 10 years ago, but it was important to me to finish what I started and to show my daughter that you can go to school and you can get a degree no matter what you are doing in your personal life."

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Terri Allison: Dedicated Mother, Employee & Online Student

“Letting my kids see that, even at my age, I could go back and I could get my degree is important.”

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Photo of Terri Allison in Her Office