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Farewell John Holder: Honoring 11 Years of Dedicated Service


After nearly eleven years of dedicated service, John Holder, a beloved employee of the SHSU Online organization, is bidding farewell as he enters retirement. John's departure leaves a void that will be deeply felt, given his remarkable contributions to Sam Houston State University. Notably, his exceptional voice acting in SHSU Online commercials, meticulous editing in various departmental publications, and influential role as the editor in chief of the SHSU Online Newsletter have made him an invaluable asset. 

Over the years, John's distinctive voice has been a cornerstone of SHSU Online productions. In SHSU Online commercials he effectively conveyed the university's mission while promoting its online programs to a broad audience of prospective students. During conference welcome and introduction messages, his warm and captivating communication style helped activate interest from the audience. As a compelling storyteller, John leveraged stellar narrative techniques and practices to describe events within a variety of courses, and other online content. Consequently, John has contributed to the establishment of SHSU Online as a renowned name in the realm of online education. Through his unwavering commitment and willingness to go the extra mile as a voice actor, John has left an enduring impact on the university and its reputation. 

In addition to his voice acting prowess, John has made significant contributions to departmental publications, serving as a meticulous editor. His expertise has ensured the accuracy, eloquence, and engagement of all materials. John's dedication to maintaining high standards and his meticulous attention to detail have proven invaluable to the organization, greatly influencing how SHSU and SHSU Online are perceived by the wider world. 

Moreover, as the editor in chief of the SHSU Online Newsletter, John has played a pivotal role in keeping faculty, staff, and students well-informed about the latest developments within the department and beyond. His leadership and exceptional editorial skills have been instrumental in producing a top-notch newsletter that combines both informative content and entertainment value. John's collaborative spirit and ability to inspire the best in his teammates have undeniably made him an invaluable asset to Sam Houston State University. 

As John embarks on the next chapter of his life, the SHSU Online organization extends its heartfelt wishes for his future endeavors, expressing gratitude for his many years of dedicated service. John's contributions will be cherished, and his influence will continue to resonate for years to come. 


A Note From our Retiring Editor: 

It has been one of the greatest honors of my career as a professional communicator to have served the SHSU community, since late 2012, as managing editor of the SHSU Online Newsletter. In the process of identifying, writing, editing, and promoting stories about the ever-expanding online capabilities of our academic community, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal about Sam Houston State University and the people who make our institution the success that it is. I’ve also made friends and established enduring connections with my staff peers and with many of our distinguished faculty members.  

Thank you, to the fellow members of our leadership team and the hard-working staff of SHSU Online, for your friendship and collaboration in showing our commitment to bringing the very best in online education to our students… past, present, and future… every day.