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SHSU Advances into the Future with Blackboard Learn Ultra Upgrade

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SHSU is set to revolutionize its educational landscape with the adoption of Blackboard Learn Ultra by August 2024, offering a modern interface and improved functionality to enhance student engagement and simplify tasks for educators. Read about how SHSU Online is spearheading the transition with content migration, design support, and comprehensive training, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for both instructors and students.

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Innovating in Online Media - A Year in Review

An SHSU Online Media Innovation team member operating equipment for a commencement ceremony

Discover how SHSU Online's Media Innovation team has transformed online student engagement through strategic use of high-quality media. From collaborative initiatives and new media productions to innovative partnerships, delve into our achievements and anticipate the exciting opportunities and collaborations we eagerly embrace for the upcoming year.

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Using Generative AI in Teaching and Learning

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In February 2024, SHSU Online unveils the "Using Generative AI in Teaching and Learning" certification, empowering educators to harness artificial intelligence for effective teaching. Explore the transformative impact of AI in education and stay tuned for enrollment details. Dive into the full article for comprehensive insights and details on this groundbreaking certification.

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Bb Tip – How to Run a Course Accessibility Report for your Blackboard Course

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Unlock the power of accessibility with Anthology Ally! Discover how this tool provides instructors with valuable feedback on course content accessibility through intuitive gauges. Click here to learn more about running a full Course Accessibility Report and enhancing the accessibility of your Blackboard courses.

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Online Learning Strategies and Why I Returned to SHSU

A professional photo of the author, Victoria Fudge

Embark on an inspiring journey with a dedicated SHSU alumnus who, despite their challenges, successfully earned a masters degree from SHSU, became an instructional technologist, and is now pursuing a doctoral program. Delve into their experiences, insights, and practical strategies for thriving in online learning, and about the valuable support SHSU provides for students in the digital education landscape.

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Instructor Voices Shaping Support Services

An SHSU instructor participating in online training

Explore the transformative journey of SHSU Online's support evolution, shaped by valuable insights from instructors like you. Learn how our newly deployed Learning Management System Support Specialists and enhanced instructional design team are dedicated to addressing your Blackboard technical issues promptly and collaboratively designing engaging learning experiences for your students.

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Faculty - Contributing to Ally and Digital Accessibility

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Investigate how Anthology Ally, seamlessly integrated into Blackboard, empowers faculty to enhance the accessibility of digital course content, providing diverse formats to improve the learning environment. In this article, discover how you can take advantage of the Course Accessibility Report in Blackboard, gaining valuable insights and guidance to ensure quality digital experiences for every student.

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SHSU Online Newsletter Archive


TSUS 2018 Report Cover

As of Fall 2018, among the six public university systems in Texas, TSUS leads the way in the percentage of students pursuing their degrees fully online, with 14%. The Texas State University System is uniquely positioned to move forward as the state’s leader in online education. Courses and degree programs offered online are increasingly important tools within the Texas State University System to address issues of both college access and student success. TSUS institutions plan to increase online education opportunities to support the growing interest among Texas students and families.

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TSUS 2019 Report Cover

While colleges and universities have been facing overall declines in enrollment in recent years, distance (online) education has been the exception. As of Fall 2019, among the six public university systems in Texas, TSUS continues to lead the way in the percentage of students pursuing their degrees fully online, up 1% from last year with 15%. Making online education a priority is an appropriate response to the rapid growth in online programs nationwide.

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TSUS 2020 Report Cover

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges—for higher education and for virtually every other part of American and global society. With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic early in the year, which also brought a powerful economic disruption with it, 2020 is a year we will never forget. The implications for higher education are profound. This report will demonstrate the many ways in which the Texas State University System and its institutions have responded to the unique challenges of 2020 and will provide a glimpse of how we will continue to address those challenges in the years to come.

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TSUS 2021 Report Cover

With the pandemic-driven increase in online education over the past year, a growing focus has developed on the quality of the experience in TSUS institutions. The quest for higher quality has taken several forms, from online departments finding new ways to expand or partner with academic service departments to addressing a growing need for online tutoring to thoughtful redesigns of online courses, which include inclusive content, greater ADA compliance, and recognition of disparate student learning styles.

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TSUS 2022 Report Cover

As of the Fall semester of 2022, approximately one-third of students across TSUS institutions are studying exclusively online. Through the TSUS shared services initiative, our institutions are fostering collaboration to seize the moment. Over the past year, two additional System institutions—Lamar State College Orange and Lamar State College Port Arthur—have been brought into the shared ecosystem already being used by Sam Houston State University, Sul Ross State University, and Lamar Institute of Technology

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