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Recent Launch of “Course Management” in Qwickly Course Tools

Qwickly Course Tools (QCT) is a learning tools interoperability (LTI) optional service used within many learning management systems (LMS). Within our LMS, Blackboard (Bb), instructors have discovered the value this course management tool has provided to help manage communication and content with students across multiple courses. If you haven’t used Qwickly in a while, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with recent updates and added features that increase accessibility.

Because the tool provides users with the ability to apply a variety of course updates and/or send communication to students in multiple courses, instructors can launch QCT from the lower left menu in Bb’s Ultra Base Navigation landing page:

Step 1: Click on “Tools”

Step 2: Click on “Qwickly Course Tools” to launch the tool

Step 3: Once “Course Tools” has loaded, review the stacked list of header “buckets” that can be clicked to reveal or hide content


While working in QCT you will notice quite a few new and improved Course Management options fueled by customer feedback. For starters, the Course Tools menu is now in alphabetical order and organized according to similar functions. For example, Assignment, Content, and Events are now grouped under one “Create” bucket. Additional buckets include Manage, Send, and Update.


Another new feature available within many of the options in the Create bucket is a Timeline allowing users to see what steps have been completed in a process, and what steps remain. Last step in the Timeline prompts users to verify the summary of settings selected by asking, “Is the following information correct?” Once you click Submit a green check mark indicates the assignment was created successfully.


Other general updates added include the ability to:

  • Select a language (English, Chinese [Simplified], Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish)
  • Sort course list (pinning courses remains a handy feature)
  • Select multiple files for upload via Filestack (and from a wider variety of sources)
  • Check Links will now check automatically (eliminating the need for the “check links” button) - - in addition, Check Links now includes the ability to:
    • select all courses
    • see which courses links were found in (if multiple courses are selected)
    • sort links by Status, Title, or URL
  • Change Dates – includes ability to sort by Title, Due Date, or Due Time
    • set availability and due dates per course when creating a new assignment
  • Manage Groups – ability to create a new group set in one or more courses, and the ability to import an existing group set to one or multiple courses


While Availability Date options within certain areas are new to QCT (for management across multiple courses), these options are also available (and can still be used for updates) within single courses. For example, the Date Management tool can still be used in Original Course View (OCV), and Batch Edit can be used in Ultra Course View (UCV). The Check Links tool, for a single course, is only available in OCV. The best way to learn is through play. We recommend using your Sandbox Course in Bb to experiment. If you don’t have one, reach out to your Instructional Designer to request one. In fact, if you haven’t made the move to Bb UCV, consider requesting a UCV Sandbox course so you can play. If you would like a one-to-one training for help using QCT, visit Faculty Development Sessions Sign-Up and in the Sessions box click the dropdown and select “Choose Me For By Appointment Sessions.”