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Video Captures the Digital Education Summit Experience

With an observant eye on every part of the SHSU Online Digital Education Summit 2018, staff from SHSU Online's Creative Services department created a video that captures the feel of the event and recounts attendees' impressions of the two-day conference.

We hope that this video inspires attendees and refreshes their memories of the event.

Attendees appearing in the vido include Jason Woodall, director of online learning at Lamar Institute of Technology; Charlene Stubblefield, senior instructional designer/trainer at Prairie View A&M University; and Diane Dowdey, associate professor of English at SHSU. Here are some additional comments from them.

Mr. Woodall noted: "The last session I went to was basically about humanizing the curriculum. Any time that we can take students, especially in the online environment, and not only put a face but an actual story behind a student and develop curriculum around that, it makes learning more personal."

Ms. Stubblefield also mentioned the emphasis on the individual learner: "What we did in the exercise is to build a character. Our character was Ethel. She was 52 years old. She was a grandma. And as we built the character, it helped us to think better about our adult online students who aren't able to get to campus, or maybe not as comfortable in that environment."

Dr. Dowdey observed: "I was really interested in coming to a session that wasn't dealing specifically with how to use this tool or how to do that -- I mean, I'm certainly still interested in learning those things -- but one that was really focusing on the student as learner, the faculty member as teacher."