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60x30 Office Moves to SHSU Enrollment Management

60x30-Color-LogoOn April 1, 2018, the Office of 60x30 Online Initiatives, led by Executive Director Dr. Christopher O'Brine, was transferred to SHSU's Division of Enrollment Management. The staff, which includes Dr. O'Brine and enrollment counselors Shemeka Bell-Meza and Stephanie O'Bannon, will continue and expand its work in addressing the goals of the 60x30TX initiative.

As Dr. O'Brine relates: "This change is happening at a strategic time and will benefit the university, the 60x30 Office, Enrollment Management, and SHSU Online. Since its inception, the office has worked closely with Enrollment Management; however, due to this move, it will do so on a much larger scale.  As we begin to prepare for Fall 2019, the opportunities to work with Enrollment Management so directly will allow us to continue to address the goals of 60X30."

Dr. Bill Angrove, associate vice president for distance learning at SHSU Online, says, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christopher, and his staff, for their contributions and continued support for SHSU Online. We look forward to ongoing collaboration as we continue to strive to reach our 60x30TX goals. Please join me in sending Christopher, Shemeka, and Stephanie well wishes as they make this move."

The change will also allow the office to streamline its recruitment efforts in conjunction with Enrollment Management. The 60x30 Office will still work collaboratively with SHSU Online.