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This is a systems check that will analyze the specifications of your current browser and test for compatibility.

The scanner will display what elements exist within your current browser and whether or not they are suitable for Blackboard usage.




Operating System:
Mobile Environment:
Java Version on Browser:
Flash Version on Browser:
SilverLight Enabled:
Cookies Enabled:
Popups Enabled:
User Info:

* Each element is marked by a or .
indicates that the particular element exists within your browser.
indicates that the particular element does not exist that is required for proper Blackboard usage.

** Mobile Environment tests to detect whether or not you are using your browser on a mobile device or not.
It is not required to use a mobile environment for Blackboard. This is for analysis purposes only.

*** If a required element is not present in the browser, a button will appear notifying you to download the required element.

**** Certain browsers do not support particular elements. If the text appears notifying you that a particular element is not present or compatible, retry the scanner on a different browser, or possibly an older version of the browser currently being used.

If any result is incorrect or you have any concerns or questions regarding the scanner, contact the SHSU Online Support Desk at:

Phone: 936-294-2780