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Suggestions for Common Issues

  1. Have you cleared your cache?

    Have you been having problems getting a video to play or a particular tool to work in your Blackboard course? Many times our Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) save things like images, movies, entire web pages, so that our entire browsing experience is faster. For the most part, this is a good thing until you can't seem to get something to play or work.

    Instructions for Clearing Your Cache
  2. Is your computer's operating system and/or Internet browser up to date?

    It is vital for your computer's health and for a safe browsing experience to keep your technology up to date. Be sure you are running the most recent stable version of your browser, (visit the tools or help menu to update) as they make updates fairly often. Keeping your computer's operating system current will allow you to be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and ensure that your computer can use the latest and greatest plug-ins that may be in use in your Blackboard course.

  3. Did you disable Pop-Up blocking for Blackboard?

    Many of the tools that Blackboard uses for student engagement open in a new window. In an effort to be sure you are always viewing what you want to be viewing, Internet browsers will not allow websites to spawn or open new windows or tabs.

    Instructions for Disabling Pop-Up Blockers
  4. Can't get the file to open? Associate a file with a particular program on your computer.

    Sometimes when you need to open or play a particular file, you need to associate it to a specific program on your computer. If your computer doesn't immediately recognize the file type, it won't play.

    Instructions for Windows 7 & 8

    Instructions for Mac OS