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SHSU Advances into the Future with Blackboard Learn Ultra Upgrade

Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is embracing Blackboard Learn Ultra (Bb Ultra), the latest advancement in learning management systems (LMS), to enhance its educational offerings for students, faculty, and staff. This significant update is on track for full implementation by August 2024, promising users access to the most advanced features available.

The transition to Bb Ultra is already underway, with many SHSU instructors adopting Bb Ultra courses. Those who have moved to Bb Ultra are experiencing a refreshed, user-friendly design and improved functionality. Bb Ultra is noted for its modern interface, streamlined usability, and adaptability, which aims to increase student engagement, simplify tasks for educators, and promote academic success. The upgrade not only offers SHSU a more dynamic version of this leading system but also ensures compatibility with mobile devices and improved accessibility.

In preparation for this transition, SHSU Online is leading several service initiatives:

  1. Content Migration: SHSU Online is managing the transition of existing Bb courses to the new Ultra format. By Fall 2024, courses will have a fresh design, ready for instructors to add personal touches for the new term.

  2. Design Support: Personalized assistance will be available to help instructors tailor their new Ultra courses.

  3. Training: A variety of training options, including certification programs, webinars, and self-help resources, are being ramped up to equip instructors with the necessary skills for the upgraded system.

  4. Around the Clock Technical Assistance: SHSU Online's Bb Support Desk, available 24/7, will provide ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth transition.

  5. Dedicated Website: A continuously updated website will offer relevant materials related to the upgrade, including...

    1. Bb Ultra Video and Information

    2. A Feature Crosswalk (explains the differences in the Original and Ultra course view)

    3. Bb Ultra How-To Guides

    4. Bb Ultra Training Opportunities

Already, nearly 900 courses at SHSU are benefiting from the upgraded Bb Ultra interface. Feedback from educators and students has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the benefits of the upgrade for the SHSU community.

Further information and updates will be provided as the transition progresses. For any queries, SHSU encourages contacting their team for support and guidance. Also, please check out this handout!