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Innovating in Online Media - A Year in Review

A Media Innovation team member using audio equipment at a SHSU commencement ceremony

SHSU Online’s Media Innovation team believes that fostering online student engagement requires a strategic use of high-quality media. Over the past year, the team actively collaborated with faculty, staff, and students to develop innovative strategies by utilizing video, graphic design, and live event technology to enhance the overall university experience. These efforts resulted in the introduction of new video series, podcasts, live video streams, and more, all contributing to the vision of enhancing student engagement and elevating university visibility.

We take pride in pursuing novel avenues for collaboration with university partners such as the "Office Hours" interview series we’ve produced with the Office of the Provost and the recently launched "Victory Voices" podcast, a synergistic effort with the Academic Success Center. As we embark on a new year, we eagerly anticipate further collaborations across campus. The recently established Channel 7 partnership with the Department of Mass Communication is a prime example of our commitment to working with campus partners to expand the impact of ongoing initiatives by integrating SHSU's university television station into a more widely accessible online streaming platform.

In addition to these new initiatives, Media Innovation continued to support dozens of live-streaming broadcasts and produced hundreds of course-media elements with its capable team of video producers, graphic designers, and live events specialists. Simultaneously, we have maintained our commitment to delivering media in accessible formats, ensuring that students have access to content irrespective of physical limitations.

To delve deeper into the Media Innovation team's endeavors and detailed outcomes over the past year, we invite you to explore our downloadable report. The video above provides a thorough examination of our collaborative initiatives, newly produced media, and ongoing support for diverse content formats, shedding light on the team's commitment to enhancing student access and engagement and enhancing university visibility.

Looking ahead, the Media Innovation team eagerly anticipates the opportunities and challenges the next year will bring. We are excited about the prospect of building new collaborations, pushing boundaries, and continuing to contribute meaningfully to the enhancement of the student experience. Together, let us embark on another year of innovation, collaboration, and progress.