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Online Program Insights

Game Changer: Kinesiology Levels Up with New Coaching Course Model  

SHSU’s Kinesiology department has implemented an inventive new system for their sports coaching courses that solves hiring and scheduling struggles and unlocks flexibility.

Previously, the department had to organize guest lectures each semester with coaching subject matter experts in specific sports like football, basketball, and soccer. As the department added a Sports Coaching minor, the logistical headaches of aligning these pros’ availability with course timelines was proving to be a hiring barrier and did not allow for smooth course facilitation.

Now, Kinesiology has flipped the script on their coaching course offerings. Rather than rely on expert coaches who have to be hired each term to teach on a restrictive academic calendar, SHSU Online’s Media Innovation team is pre-recording video lectures and demonstrations once with each expert coach on the key skills, techniques, and strategies for their sport.

These video assets are then incorporated into the online coaching courses, which SHSU coaching pedagogist Dr. Erica Pasquini will facilitate. In discussing this new approach, Dr. Pasquini shared

“These innovative courses have provided our students a way to hear from multiple coaches across various levels, from club to college coaching, students can continuously learn from all experiential backgrounds. This course setup provides consistency in academic rigor while positively engaging the students in relevant topics.”

By decoupling the need for simultaneous expert availability, the department has gained agility in running the courses. Recorded lectures are helping students learn from the top coaches in their fields without having to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Kinesiology Department Chair Dr. Jennifer Didier shared,

“As we started to recruit qualified coaches to teach the courses, who had time to drive to Huntsville a couple times a week to teach for 5 to 7 weeks during an academic semester, at a time that would not conflict with their coaching schedules, we quickly learned that that was going to be a difficult task every semester. We would not have the consistency from semester to semester if we were hiring with so many scheduling constraints working against us. This innovative format allows us to schedule the courses during the sport season, which allows greater application of content during the course; while providing consistency and high-level content each semester.”

The recorded demonstration model has boosted course consistency, eliminated scheduling headaches, and enabled students to learn from the region’s best sports coaches. It’s a digital-age solution that scores major points for coaching education.