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Voices of Online Students

Call For Submissions - Online Student Stories


Attention SHSU Faculty members:

We are excited to announce another call for submissions from student contributors for our SHSU Online Newsletter which will focus on the theme of online education. We believe our students have valuable insights and experiences to share on this topic, and we are eager to showcase their ideas, achievements, and study tips in the newsletter.

We are seeking articles between 700 to 1,000 words that address one or more of the following themes: 

  • Personal success stories with online education: Have you had a student who has excelled in an online program or course? We want to hear about their experiences and what strategies they used to succeed in an online setting.
  • Suggestions for making online education more engaging: Do your students have ideas for improving the online learning experience at SHSU? We are looking for creative and practical suggestions that faculty and staff can use to enhance the quality of online education for all students.
  • Reflections on online programs or courses: We want to hear from students who have completed an online program or course and about their experiences. This could include challenges they faced, strategies they used to overcome those challenges, and what they learned from the experience.
  • Comparisons of online and in-person education: How does online education compare to in-person education regarding engagement, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction? We are interested in hearing students' perspectives on the pros and cons of each type of education.
  • Tips for succeeding in online courses: Do you have a student who has developed strategies for thriving in an online course or knows the best ways to stay engaged with their instructor and classmates? We want to hear their tips and tricks for staying motivated, staying organized, and making the most of the online learning experience.
  • The future of online education: What do your students envision for the future of online education? Do they see it playing a bigger role in higher education, or do they think it will always supplement in-person education? We are interested in hearing their thoughts and predictions.

We may also see if the students nominated are willing to participate in a video containing possible interviews with them that highlight their ideas, achievements, study tips, or other pertinent information.

If you have a student who you think would be a great fit for this opportunity or a student who is looking to apply to a graduate program and needs to diversify their CV with a publication, please nominate them as a guest contributor by November 1, 2023. We are looking forward to reading their submissions and sharing their perspectives and accomplishments with the wider university community.

Submissions should accompany your nomination. To nominate a student and submit their article, please email (with submissions attached as Word document).

Thank you for your consideration!

Mandy Jordan
Research Associate

Dr. Madelyn Kilgore
Associate Director - Research and Strategic Support