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Changes to Blackboard Associated Tools – Keeping Track

ChangeAheadMultiple Blackboard-associated tools will be undergoing a change in the coming months. They will be moving from an older "Building Block" model to a newer standards-based LTI or Learning Tools Interoperability plugin. 

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is one of the critical interoperability standards needed to integrate multiple campus systems so that institutions can create a coherent technology ecosystem (shared environments) with products from several different vendors.

Over the coming weeks and months, your SHSU Online Admin team will be working to update multiple Blackboard-connected tools to this new standard.  Doing so will provide a more stable, cohesive set of tools to support your students’ learning experience.

Keeping Track of the Changes

When you visit our Changes to Blackboard Associated Tools web page, you will see a growing list of tools that will be making the shift, how they are changing and the expected date of the shift to the LTI format.

Need assistance with the new tools?

To learn more on how to use the new tools, please connect with your SHSU Online Instructional Designer, OR contact the 24/7 SHSU Online Support Desk for assistance.