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Blackboard Instructor/Student Training Orgs Get a Facelift


Just-in-time support for Blackboard questions has always been an important part of how SHSU Online supports faculty and students.  We do this in multiple ways. Just-in-time support is provided by the:

  • SHSU Online Support Desk
  • EesySoft Support tab
  • Teaching With Blackboard Support Org
  • How to use Blackboard – Student Orientation Org

 Recently we have reorganized and refreshed the Blackboard Support Organizations for instructors and students. The refresh occurred so that we could make sure that our clients have access to the most current, essential information to assist faculty and students as they use the Blackboard learning management system and associated technologies.

Teaching (Online/Digitally) with Blackboard

bbtrainingorgs2The Teaching Online with Blackboard org has always been an important resource for just-in-time support for instructors. With our refresh, we’ve made sure to make information important to instructors, front and center.  Notice the new “FACULTY SERVICES” section of the org menu that has resources that are accessed frequently by SHSU instructors. We are excited to announce that Blended Webinar Recordings are available in the org. So, if you couldn’t make a session or want to attend again, just access one of the session recordings.

We’d like to offer a big welcome back to the A-Z Index! Instructors can find the documentation and resources they need by perusing this alphabetical listing of helpful how-to's.

We have also made efforts to link directly the source content (Blackboard and associated technology’s help documentation) to make sure you have access to the most up-to-date information.

We’ve added an On-Demand Training that leverages LinkedIn Learning to provide technology and resource training whenever you need it.

How to Use Blackboard – Student Orientation

bbtrainingorgs3The Getting Started with Blackboard Learn support org has been refreshed with a new look, new name, and current information. The How to Use Blackboard – Student Orientation support org is the new hub for just-in-time support for students.

Students now have quick access to:

  • What’s New?
  • Contact the Support Desk
  • An Alphabetic A-Z Index of all resources
  • Help on common actions they will take when using Blackboard

The navigation menu has been redesigned to be more student centric. Each of the links corresponds to common actions they are required to take or tools they will need to use while in the Blackboard environment.

SHSU Online instructors also have access to this org so that they can link directly to the content within the org to help orient students.

SHSU Online will continue to adjust both support organizations to better support students and faculty.