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Changes Coming to Qwickly…Rather Quickly!

Starting this Fall semester, SHSU Online will be implementing Qwickly Course Tools in place of the Qwickly tool that has been on Blackboard for many years.


This upgrade will allow instructors the time-saving option to email their students or post announcements across multiple courses and sections at the same time. Another added benefit of the tool is that instructors can email students and post announcements right from the front page of Blackboard, without even entering a single course.

Qwickly Course Tools is the “premium” version of Qwickly, which has been a long time staple tool in the SHSU learning management system. Qwickly Course Tools has several more features available. In addition to being able to post Announcements and Send Emails through the tool as before, there are several additional features designed to simplify management of multiple courses and organizations and increase user engagement with your course.

New features include:

  • Create Content across sections
  • Create Assignments across sections
  • Create Calendar Event across sections, and
  • Check Links across multiple courses.
    These efficiency functions will be accessible to instructors and will be sure to save you time each semester!

Students will also be able to leverage the new Qwickly Course Tool. For students, the Message Instructors function, as well as the Submit Assignments function will become available.

The upgraded Qwickly Course Tool can be accessed by a link that will appear in place of the current Qwickly module, beginning on August 6, 2021.

Please visit for more information about Qwickly Course Tools.