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Major Update to Rubric for Course Development

online course rubricSHSU Online’s rubric for course development has undergone a major revision over the last year. During the last few years, the rubric has been used to evaluate all online courses developed at SHSU. The faculty have shared a ton of feedback with us about the course design experience and the effectiveness of the rubric as a guide during this process.

Internally, a committee of Assistant Directors and Instructional Designers has been working on revising the rubric. Incorporating Instructional Designer and Faculty feedback into the rubric revisions was our main concern. In the middle of this process, we were extremely lucky to have the assistance of the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ken Hendrickson.

Dr. Hendrickson’s critiques and edits were instrumental in deciding how to update and upgrade the rubric.

Other changes of note in the new rubric include:

  • No more score sheet with numbers
  • All evaluations are now graded as “In Progress, Established Practice, or Exemplary Practice”
  • Changes to the way Navigation is evaluated
  • Student Learning Objectives are now more important

If you have not read the Rubric for Course Development, please take a moment to read it, as this rubric is used to evaluate all newly developed online courses at SHSU. The suggestions in the rubric can help guide your course development so that they line up with SHSU and industry best practices.

If you are an SHSU faculty member who will be teaching a newly developed course this spring or summer, please reach out to your Instructional Designer as soon as possible.

The SHSU Online Instructional Design team is here to assist faculty members throughout the entire process of planning and developing online courses.

Click here to read the Rubric.