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Library Services

SHSU's library is more than just a collection of books. A wide variety of services are available for SHSU students.

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Writing Center

Need help with a paper? Want someone to proof read your work? The Writing Center can help!

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Math Center

Get assistance with math problems here. Tutoring for SHSU students is available through the Math Center.

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Online Tutoring

Sign up to receive online tutoring or to help other SHSU students out!

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Student Advising & Mentoring Center

The SAM Center provides advising for undergraduate students, as well as a variety of academic planning services.

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Course Catalog

A reference of every single course offered at SHSU.

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Degree Planning

Using DegreeWorks, you can see what requirements you have left and plan your degree program accordingly.

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Official and unofficial transcripts can be requested here.

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