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Online Course Redesign and Faculty Certification Update - By The Numbers

redesign-certThis spring has marked the continued success of the Online Course Redesign and Faculty Certification program at SHSU. Since June 2018, 217 faculty members have successfully achieved program completion. SHSU Online is on track to certify 257 faculty to teach online prior to the one-year anniversary of this program in June 2019!

Attendees have been able to participate in a guided course review with their online courses as well as collaborate with instructional designers on implementing changes developed during the self-evaluation process. 

Here is the Online Course Redesign and Faculty Certification Program, by the numbers:

Number of Certifications Awarded


Number of Certifications by College


Percentages of Certified Online Faculty by College

Faculty who have taught online between 2016 and 2019

  • COBA 37 out of 78 – 47%
  • Criminal Justice 31 out of 118 – 26%
  • Education 20 out of 163 – 12%
  • Fine Arts and Mass Communications 6 out of 53 – 11%
  • Health Sciences 28 out of 61 – 46%
  • Humanities and Social Sciences 62 out of 166 – 37%
  • Science and Engineering Tech 29 out of 78 – 37%
  • Newton Gresham Library 4 out of 4 – 100%

Total: 30% of online teaching faculty achieved certification

217 out of 733 online faculty have successfully completed the Online Course Redesign and Faculty Certification program.

Program Satisfaction

  • 96% of faculty who have completed survey (215/223)
  • Program helped me improve online course: 96%
  • Program provided practical information I can use in my course(s): 97%
  • I will take what I gained from this program and use it in my future online course(s): 99%
  • The ability to work with Instructional Designers during the program was valuable: 90%