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New "Self-Paced" and "By-Appointment" How-To Sessions Coming in October

Couldn’t get registered for the Fall 2018 certification cohorts? Want to brush up on some best practices or tools for teaching online?  Check out the SHSU Online How-To Sessions Self-Paced and By Appointment options for October. 

learning-never-endsBY APPOINTMENT

Don’t see what you need on our schedule? Select the Choose Me for By Appointment Sessions option in the How-To sessions drop-down menu and find what works for you. How-to appointment sessions are schedule in one-hour blocks (even though it might not take the full hour). Only need five minutes? Not a problem! Choose your By Appointment topic, time and how you want to meet (phone call, webinar, office visit), and we’ll do the rest.


Self-Paced - Blackboard Ally - Making Course Content Accessible

Learn how to make your course(s) more accessible! Explore how Blackboard Ally will take your original content upload and make a range of more accessible alternatives. Participants will learn about universal design for learning, how to interpret accessibility scores, and how to improve file accessibility. The course also covers reading and interpreting the accessibility report and the instructor workflow within Blackboard Ally.

Successful completion of this course awards the Blackboard Ally certification.

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collaborate-ultra 1Self-Paced - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

This fully-online, self-paced course is designed to familiarize Blackboard instructors with how to use Blackboard Collaborate's new Ultra Experience in their Blackboard courses. This course covers:

  • Web Conferencing as it Applies to Education 
  • The Continuous Release Cycle as it Applies to Collaborate
  • Comparing and Contrasting Session Roles in the Ultra Experience
  • Navigating and Participating in a Session Using the Ultra Experience
  • Setting up a Collaborate Session in the Ultra Experience
  • Use Moderator Tools to Facilitate a Collaborate Session in the Ultra Experience

Successful completion of this course awards the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra certification.

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Self-Paced - Building Online Communities

Communication and collaboration are key facets to this online certification course. In this course, we will further explore some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer. You will have ample opportunity to communicate, gain feedback and share ideas with your colleagues’ using of the tools. This online course covers:

  • Online Communities and the Instructor’s Role
  • Best Practice and Learning Theory Around Discussion Questions
  • The Use of Journals & Blogs
  • The Use of Wikis
  • Groups in Blackboard Courses
  • Grading in the Collaborative Space

Successful completion of this course awards the Online Community Organizer certification.

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Self-Paced - Multimedia in Blackboard Courses (Video Quiz Update)

Kaltura has updated the Interactive Video Quiz tool. Enroll in this course to see what's new.This fully online certification course provides the Blackboard instructor with the knowledge and skills in both the acquisition and implementation of multimedia for online/face-to-face and hybrid courses. Technologies and best practices are examined in the context of student engagement and success. Participants can choose to complete all module activities for this course and receive a Multimedia Certification, or can just complete any of the modules that interests them, a la carte.

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