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General Pre-Emergency Planning Tips

Pre-Emergency Planning Tips

  • Keep a list of emergency contacts for your department; chair; dean; and TA. 
  • Be informed of how to receive KatSafe Information and official university emergency notifications. Online course alerts can be found in Blackboard at
  • Download student contact information and the roster from MySam should you need to get in touch with your students. You can access a class list (roster) on MySam. From the Faculty tab, navigate to the Faculty Self Service Links, and click on "Class List (with photos)."
  • Provide students written instructions within your syllabus on how you will communicate with them during crisis scenarios. 
  • Remind students to download or print a copy of the syllabus.
  • At the beginning of the term/semester, send your students a welcome Blackboard announcement/email that includes your contact information. Suggest that they hold on to the message until the end of the course in case they need to get in contact with you.
  • Back up copies of any prepared teaching materials prior to the start of the term/semester in case you are unable to access the files on the SHSU network. 
    • We recommend storing your class content in your Blackboard course. (All SHSU classes, including face-to-face, have a pre-built Blackboard shell. There is no need to request an online shell for your face-to-face class). 
  • Prior to a campus closure, verify you can access the following elements from home: