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SHSU Online Hybrid/Blended Webinar Recordings Available on Blackboard

As we approach the latter half of the fall 2020 semester, you have more than likely been able to attend at least one of our SHSU Online Hybrid Webinars, or at least seen an email from yours truly, advertising our offerings.  Have you just been caught up in the rush to support your students in a new modality and haven’t had time to attend, or have your classes taken place at the same time as webinars you were interested in? We have been sending out recordings to all instructors who register for our sessions, but now we’ve decided to take an extra step.

Blackboard instructors can now find SHSU Online’s Hybrid/Blended Webinar recordings in Blackboard! That’s right, there’s no more hunting through your emails for an obscure zoom recording link.  From now on, as we create, edit, update, and host faculty development webinars, we will be posting them in Blackboard.

How do I access these webinar recordings?Bbtraining1020

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. Scroll down to the “My Organizations” module on Blackboard’s landing page.
  3. Click the link for the “Teaching Online With Blackboard” faculty support organization
  4. Choose the “Webinar Recordings” link from the organization’s navigation menu.

When available, slide decks and other resources will be listed right along side each recording. By posting these here we hope you will have ready access to the helpful how-tos, best practices, and strategies for success that you need when you need them. We will continue to post our webinar recordings and resources in the “Teaching Online With Blackboard” instructor support organization, for easy access.