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LinkedIn Learning F.A.Q.

Instructors: Reach out to your Instructional Designer for LinkedIn Learning resource pairing with your course syllabus.

Looking for answers? Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions about LinkedIn Learning.

1. What is LinkedIn Learning?


  • Over 13,000 courses on computer software, business skills, IT, web design, audio/video tools etc.,
  • 24/7 online training from experts that can be accessed anywhere (campus, home, mobile),
  • Searchable closed captions and interactive transcripts to increase understanding,
  • Multiple new and updated videos each week to keep skills current,
  • Playlists to customize learning paths with favorite videos and courses,
  • Course exercise files to follow along with while watching tutorials,
  • Coding practice environments for developer and programming courses,
  • Completion certificates to display on your professional LinkedIn profile.

2. Who has Access to LinkedIn Learning?

  1. SHSU Faculty, Students, and Staff

3. How do I access it?

  1. Instructions (remember, it’s ONLY through Blackboard) In order to add LinkedIn Learning Content to your course you will need to add the link into your course with the Partner Content drop-down menu (found in any of your Content Areas, like Modules). Select Content Market and you will see the list of Content Providers, to see the Linked Learning option you will need to click on the “Browse all content providers” text at the bottom of the screen. Select the LinkedIn Learning button which links your course to the content selections.

    Popular courses are listed automatically but the Search LinkedIn Learning tool above the categories allows you to search for yourself.

  2. Printable Instructor Guide

4. How can I use it as an instructor?

  1. Individual certifications can be earned from each of the courses in LinkedIn Learning, and there are learning paths available that tie together relevant courses.

    Your students can add these certifications directly to their LinkedIn profiles upon completion.

    Many of the courses are under an hour and can be used to cover or add to:

    • lecture topics,
    • software guides and instructions (MS Office, general computer use all the way to advanced programming courses)
    • video editing guides (for student presentations)
    • Knowledge checks (before or after lectures)
    • Rewarding students for certifications with grades (extra credit or not)

Note - Learning Paths can be linked to from within Blackboard but will not show up in the Learning Content search list.

5. How can I add LinkedIn Learning content in my Blackboard course?

  1. See the Instructor Guide.

6. What types of courses will be able to use LinkedIn Learning?

  1. All course types, regardless of delivery modality, as well as campus organizations which have a Blackboard component.

7. Can I use it for my own professional development?

  1. Yes. To get LinkedIn Learning course completion hours into Talent Management, look in the Beyond Campus area of SHSU Human Resources Training Page for instructions on how to Add External Training.

8. How can my students use it?

  1. In addition to the instructor adding courses to complete directly into a Blackboard course, once the student has established the connection to LinkedIn, they can browse and self-select additional courses from the entire LinkedIn Learning catalog, all of which can show up on their LinkedIn profile.

9. Are there training resources available to students?

  1. Yes

10. Is it mobile friendly?

  1. Yes, the Blackboard links will load up the LinkedIn Learning website on mobile devices and it is designed to be mobile friendly. There are Apps available for both Android and iOS devices, however the website might actually work better on mobile than the app.

    Note - Both of the app’s have reviews that mention buffering issues that are not present in the website.

11. Where can I go to find more information on how to use LinkedIn Learning?

  1. Visit the LinkedIn Learning website.

12. What is the benefit of connecting my LinkedIn profile to my LinkedIn Learning account?

  1. Connecting your profile will allow for a more personalized learning experience that includes special course recommendations based on your job title, skills and industry listed on your LinkedIn profile.

  2. It will also allow you to migrate your content to a new account. For example: upon graduation, or if you leave the university and are employed by a company that uses LinkedIn Learning, your data from your SHSU LinkedIn Learning account will be migrated to your new LinkedIn Learning account with a connected profile.

    After graduation you can also purchase a paid subscription to continue your LinkedIn Learning courses, as long as you connect your LinkedIn profile prior to leaving the university.

13. Can I add my LinkedIn Learning Certificates of Completion to my LinkedIn Learning profile?

  1. Yes. You can add your certificates of completion to the certificate section of your LinkedIn profile to showcase your new skills. Learn more about how to add your certificates

14. How often are there updates and new course offerings?

  1. Typically dozens of courses are added each week.

  2. LinkedIn Learning has the ability to sort by "Newest" which will you find new content.

15. What are the system requirements for using the LinkedIn Learning service?

  1. To view the minimum requirements for using the full site and mobile devices, visit system requirements.

16. Where do i go for help?

  1. If you have any additional questions please reach out to your Instructional Designer to ask them for help in adding LinkedIn Learning content to your course.

  2. f you encounter questions with LinkedIn Learning from your students please have them reach out to the 24/7 Online Support Desk by calling (936)294-2780 or by emailing