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SHSU Online offers numerous opportunities for faculty to develop their online pedagogical skills.

Take a look at the faculty development sessions offered by SHSU Online and sign up for the course you need by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Choose from classroom-based face-to-face sessions, completely online certification courses, or how-to by appointment.

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Online Sessions

Online Cohort - Teaching Online With Blackboard - Certification*

The Teaching Online with Blackboard Certification Series is the fully-online cohort based training option for faculty wishing to improve their online teaching skills. The certification consists of four courses aimed at preparing an instructor to master the online teaching environment through Blackboard.

Courses included within this series comprise the following:

  • Course Building: (Starts 2/5) 2-week course that will equip online instructors with building and sharing content in their online courses.
  • Communication: (Starts 2/19) 2-week course that will cover tools of communication, as well as applicable communication strategies for online course management.
  • Assessment: (Starts 3/5) 2-week course that introduces participants to how to get started assessing their student's learning in an online class.
  • Teaching Online- Strategies for Success: (Starts 3/26) 2-Week course that presents participants with the opportunity to explore best practices for creating engaging and effective online learning environments.

Enroll in each course separately, today!*Successful completion of all four courses required for certification.

Self-Paced - Blackboard Ally - Making Course Content Accessible (Starts January 4th)

Learn how to make your course(s) more accessible! Explore how Blackboard Ally will take your original content upload and make a range of more accessible alternatives. Participants will learn about universal design for learning, how to interpret accessibility scores, and how to improve file accessibility. The course also covers reading and interpreting the accessibility report and the instructor workflow within Blackboard Ally.

Successful completion of this course awards the Blackboard Ally certification.

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Self-Paced - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

This fully-online, self-paced course is designed to familiarize Blackboard instructors with how to use Blackboard Collaborate's new Ultra Experience in their Blackboard courses. This course covers:

-Web conferencing as it applies to education
-The continuous release cycle as it applies to Collaborate
-Comparing and contrasting session roles in the Ultra experience
-Navigating and participating in a session using the Ultra experience
-Setting up a Collaborate session in the Ultra experiences
-Use Moderator tools to facilitate a Collaborate session in the Ultra experience

Successful completion of this course awards the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra certification.

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2/7 @ 3pm - VoiceThread
2/27 @ 3pm - Grade Center - Best Practices

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