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With EesySoft and Blackboard Help Tab, Assistance is Always at Your Fingertips

SHSU Online is proud to announce that Sam Houston State University faculty, staff and students now have access to an additional layer of support in Blackboard. EesySoft is a proactive support tool that allows contextual messages and on-demand resources to be placed directly on any page in Blackboard. After testing the product and loading some SHSU Online-specific support documentation, EesySoft was “turned on” by SHSU Online in late April.

EesySoft Bb

On Demand Resources

By clicking the Blackboard Help tab on the right side of any Blackboard page, Blackboard instructors and students gain access to relevant contextual information anywhere they go. Just a click away will be current help items, a search feature to sort through support articles, and a "Contact Support" button which will open a form that sends the user’s information and question to the SHSU Online Support Desk.


EesySoft Contextual Support Messaging

A key feature of EesySoft is its ability to provide helpful tips throughout any area of the system while focusing on the target audience, whether it is faculty members, student or staff. For example, when a student is taking an exam, or using a Blackboard tool for the first time, they may receive a pop-up message with instructions and tips for success in using that function of the system. 

Some additional examples of these messages might include: 

  • In-Context Help: Increases awareness and engagement with Blackboard functions, while providing “just-in-time” resources.
  • Pro-active message: Highlights new tools, unused tools, changes/updates to tools, FAQs, frequently made errors or mistakes, or known technical issues.
  • Support Contact: Allows users to contact the SHSU Online Support Desk directly from any page in Blackboard.

For faculty members, this will mean less time creating tutorials and instructions for students on how to use the different Blackboard technologies, and more time spent on the course content within Blackboard. For students, it’s all about making their use of technology a bit more seamless.