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Blackboard Tip: Course Reports Keep Track of How Students are Doing

While keeping track of student progress via the Grade Center, Performance Dash Board and course activities are great ways to encourage student success, instructors who use Blackboard also have another powerful tool at their disposal. Faculty members can assess the "health" of courses by looking at course-wide trends in tool and content use. When these trends are compared with student achievement, instructors can pinpoint areas of a course that need attention. These trends can be found in the Control Panel of the course, in the Evaluation section. They are called Course Reports.


There are eight types of reports available based on the type of statistics that instructors want to view:

  1. All User Activity inside Content Areas
  2. Course Activity Overview
  3. Course Coverage Report
  4. Course Performance
  5. Overall Summary of User Activity
  6. Student Overview for Single Course
  7. User Activity in Forums
  8. User Activity in Groups

For more details about these reports, see SHSU Online's eLearning Support Blog.