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A Fresh Start


Someone once said, “Sometimes, all you need is a fresh start.” For those of us in academia, fresh starts come around a few times a year, but never more ostensibly than with the start of the fall semester. As school ramps back up for yet another year of learning and teaching adventures, we want to remind you that SHSU Online is along for the ride. 

A few of our services to keep in mind include…. 

Video & Multimedia Production

SHSU Online offers a variety of creative services, including video production for lectures and presentations, use of document cameras, consultations on multimedia projects, editorial content development, graphic design, animations, simulations, and the digitization of media for online courses. 

Instructional Design

Instructional designers at SHSU assist in the design and development of online courses. Assigned to each of the university’s colleges, you can find your dedicated instructional designer today at online.shsu.edu/instructional-design

Development and How-to’s

Online teaching certifications and face-to-face development opportunities are offered every semester. Topics range from tool usage to pedagogical best practices for online instruction. SHSU Faculty can earn an online teaching certificate designed to enrich digitally-based instruction. 

Ongoing Technical Support

The SHSU Online Support Desk is open around the clock to provide technical and troubleshooting support for faculty and students. Open 24hrs a day, Monday through Friday, and with extended weekend hours, the Support Desk is online when you and your students are. Beyond Blackboard support, the Support Desk also provides technical assistance with numerous academic technologies, including ProctorFree, Kaltura, Turn-It-In, Respondus, SafeAssign, and many more. Contact our Support Desk at 936-294-2780 or blackboard@shsu.edu.

If you are looking to develop an online course, or teach online this year, contact us today! Our commitment is to provide pedagogical support for the online teaching and learning environment.


Visit Faculty Services @ https://online.shsu.edu/campus/faculty-services/