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Affordable and Accessible Educational Resources

SHSU Online is committed to improving access and educational opportunity for traditional, non-traditional, and degree-completing students. In support of a successful online learning experience, SHSU Online has established an agreement with Pearson, Inc. to provide unlimited access to MyLabs and Mastering products, including free eTextbooks. The agreement also facilitates access to Pearson Revel, CourseConnect, Propero, and Pearson Writer at no charge to faculty or students.

LoudcloudAs part of the ongoing commitment to providing affordable and accessible educational options, an Open Educational Resources (OER) opportunity is also being explored to offer low cost courseware through Barnes & Noble LoudCloud. The LoudCloud platform offers a portfolio of OER courseware, an eReading app, and a faculty dashboard to analyze key student behavioral and performance metrics for improved student outcomes.

NBCLearnAdditionally, the NBC Learn agreement at SHSU Online provides both faculty and students with unlimited access to a unique and growing collection of videos, historic footage, primary sources, documentaries and other digital assets designed to introduce dynamic and interactive digital content in the teaching and learning space.

Open Educational Resources (OER) can enhance the online learning and teaching experience, are flexibly integrated in online courses, and can offer low cost alternatives to quality digital content.

In partnership with SHSU’s Newton Gresham Library, SHSU Online delivers a wide range of open library resources and digital content through the learning management system, including Embedded Librarians, Library Guides, and a large collection of curated digital assets for instruction and tutoring, including OER.

SHSU Online also supports the development of the University’s digital course content designed to foster the academic transformation of its students. In support of online learner success, SHSU Online provides the best-in-class troubleshooting and technical support through the SHSU Online Support Desk, which is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, plus extended weekend hours.