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Video Production and Technologies

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We understand each new project has it’s own unique challenges, and each new client deserves their own creative approach. Experts in storytelling, The SHSU Online Video Team provides an exciting and fresh perspective to online media. We are constantly collaborating with the Sam Houston academic community to create new and entertaining online materials for students.

We bring vision to life.

Our full-service studios and post-production facilities, in The Dan Rather Communications and Arleigh B. Templeton Buildings, provide you with endless tools to cultivate curriculum and engage students through video production, forging stronger connections in the online classroom.

Services we Provide

  • Educational Video Production for Courses
  • Digitization of media (once copyright permissions are granted from library)
  • Guest Lecture Recordings for Online Courses
  • Hosting of video media
  • Marketing and field video production
  • Live Streaming events
  • Video technology consulting

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Charles Henson

Director for Creative Services